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Are you getting ready for the reopening of your sports centre after the sanitary crisis and you don't know what you should keep in mind to do it succesfully, and avobe all, safely? In this article we explain all the essential keys to achieve it, counting on your sports centre software.

Economical duties are one of the most tiresome points, but one of the most important in any gym or sports centre. That's why in the App CrossHero we have some advantages that assist on the progress of these economical duties, being able to automatize most of them. Today we explain the 3 essential economical aspects in your gym system.

The ease of spread of the COVID-19 caused the closing of many sports centers around the world regarding to avoid that the crowds would worsen the situation.  
However, even though the strictest quarantine measures were going down in the last few weeks; start again with the normal activity in fitness gyms and CrossFit boxes is still difficult, and as we know, there are significant regulations that we need to follow, especially in the capacity of the athletes per workout.

Just a few months ago, to imagine teaching online workouts to your CrossFit students it seems completely unthinkable. However, the changes that we need to follow to adapt to the new life because of the spread of the COVID-19, have made online workouts a real necessity today.

In CrossHero we are a living community, and because of that, we have developed CrossHero Live. A solution that will help your fitness or CrossFit center to optimize the development of all your online workouts.

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